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Thank you for visiting "There is Hope for You" website. In the hustle and bustle of today's lifestyles; what we at times consider to be hope is mere coping to exist. So, what is Hope? The most common is the Hope that is driven only by ambition. It generally starts when we are young and we are asked "What do we want to be when we grow up"? Then,early we begin to make our stake in this life. This begins our quest to the finish line of life's achievments. Each individuals hope or vision is different.

And, there is the "Blessed Hope" in Christ Jesus. Yes, the "Blessed Hope" can have an effect on our hopes for everyday life. The difference is, whether, we fail or succeed in reaching our goals in this life. The "Blessed Hope" is a promise and invitation to all who embrace it. And Jesus, invites everyone alive on this planet to accept it. Yes, it may effect your current goals and your destiny.

The purpose of this site is to help keep the flame burning and to encourage us to keep moving forward and trusting in God's promises, thru the challenges of life for "There is Hope for You".

There is Hope for you!

There is hope for you, who really Love the Lord,

There is Hope for you, who do the things you've heard,

There is Hope for you, In Love obey the Word!

There is Hope in Christ for you!

There is Hope for you, obedience proves your love,

There is hope for you, Who are controlled from above,

There is hope for you, who with the Spirit move,

There is Hope in Christ for you!



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This is side 1 of our "There is Hope For You" Intercessory Prayer Card

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This is side 2, Where you can list seven of those of whom you are concerned. So, when you go into prayer you can lift these name s or concerns before the Lord. For, thru faith we believe "There is Hope for them"

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